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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity of the events industry
From the top down, our sector is represented by a small group so wildly different from the vibrant workforce that they are lobbying for.

Education, understanding and change in this area is essential.

Event First Steps Diversity Work so Far​

For years we have spoken passionately about diversity at roundtables, we have been frustrated when we see another panel of all white males discussing a topic meant to be ‘universal’, we have sighed when a token woman or POC is sprinkled into a speaker line up, and we have patiently waited for the industry to do more than talk about diversity.


We are tired. And a lot of the industry is still passive on these subjects. Though diversity is of course a wide-ranging topic, we have strong ideas on areas that need immediate focus.


We need to see change, and we want to be the change-makers. For those already in our industry, and for the benefit of the next generation waiting to come up. 


What have we already done?

Alongside diversity specific events over the years, at the end of 2020, we worked on a research project gathering data from industry professionals, education and organisations, creating a research paper - Achieving Racial Diversity in the Events Industry - which is used industry-wide.


We showcased fact and figures about the ‘diversity’ of our industry that can’t be ignored, creating a genuine movement for change. We will use these facts to keep the conversation going and repeat the research year on year - holding the industry accountable for the issues it seemed to be so vocal about last summer.

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