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Achieving racial diversity in the events industry 2020

We are extremely proud to announce that the first-ever research report on racial diversity in the events industry has now been published - and we can’t wait for you to read it!

You can download the report at the bottom of this page

More so than any other year, 2020 has brought to light the need for racial equality in every aspect of society. With everyone's focus on how they could be doing more and better, the diversity of the events industry also came into question.

For years, Event First Steps and C&IT have spoken passionately about diversity in the events sector - to push for change for those already working in it, and for the benefit of those waiting to come up.

As no data existed on this topic, and data gaps make it difficult to benchmark or make much-needed improvements, Event First Steps and C&IT collaborated on the first of its kind research project gathering data from industry professionals, education and organisations.

The results are to be used by everyone to make marked changes - so please share it far and wide. Ultimately we hope this will enable our industry to develop, and make the work created more racially diverse in terms of workforce, audience and representation.

We want to say a massive thank you to Caroline Jackson at BVEP and Nigel Williams, without whom we could not have undertaken this project - thanks to their generous help with designing and understanding our research. And of course, a massive thank you to you for helping us by completing this important

Our survey went out to hundreds of event professionals across the UK and the US, and asked about their perceptions and opinions of racial diversity across the MICE industry.

Encouragingly, those that took part in our research weren’t just the under-represented voicing their concerns; in fact, 54% were white. Meaning that everyone, even those that aren’t directly impacted personally, recognises that there is a problem and want to see change.

You can download the report below or via C&IT Magazine here.

Download PDF • 4.43MB

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