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Things we wish we'd know before starting in the events industry

We recently hosted a clubhouse conversation asking #eventprofs what one thing they wished they had known before starting in the industry.

We know that clubhouse isn't the most inclusive of apps, so this post is sharing all the amazing advice that was discussed:

Kicking it off Event First Steps co-founders Elena Clowes and Caitlin Kobrak shared two of their key points. Career risk is okay and progression doesn't just mean a promotion.

Kate Bullard shared that we all have different paths of where we want to go, and that progression isn't always a liner career ladder. She also added the advice of don't focus on the job title (they can mean different things in different companies)

Nicola Roodt said it is okay if you are not too sure about what you are doing. You learn on the job, so take the pressure off, as you don't always need to know all the answers.

Barbara Moore added that we are often scared to apply for jobs that we don't feel suited for. But really what is the worse that could happen? Go apply. Don't hold yourself back because you don't have experience in everything they (companies) are looking for.

Denise Mapp joined the stage to share that you should not be afraid to say you want to learn more and to not just stay in the areas you feel comfortable in.

And the group agreed that you shouldn't be afraid to ask questions. By saying you don't know how to do something doesn't mean you are not capable.

Lorne Levitt added that you should find that line between confidence and cockiness. When you start somewhere if you prove and show that you know what is being asked of you, you will be trusted. Lorne also added that collaboration is key in the events industry.

Wesley Mendy shared that it is important to have friends in the industry. He added that we tend to be protective of what we have, but it is the people around you who can help you grow - so share your connections.

The group also discussed how critical feedback is so valuable. Those supportive notes for the sideline on ways to improve help you grow. And to remember that your peers are great to have as connections - as you have no idea where these people will go and how you can support each other.

Dara Connolly added that she wished she had known to own whatever is you. You can't change yourself, so instead find what makes you excited and people will fall in love with it.

Jacqui Partridge said be brave, network and say yes to everything.

And finally, as we wrapped up the 45-minute clubhouse chat Lorne Levitt added some value parting works to find that work-life balance.

So to summarise:

  • Be confident

  • Ask questions

  • Network

  • Don't fret about job titles

  • Progression doesn't have to be linear

  • and most important be yourself!


If you are on clubhouse you can follow Elena (@elenaclowes) and Caitlin (@blogbykobrak) to hear about the next Event First Steps chat, but don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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