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Structuring your time to stay motivated, productive and creative when you need to be.

A few weeks ago we joined Helen Moon and EventWell for a conversation around what the three of us have been up to whilst in lockdown, advice to those starting in the industry in the current climate, and how we keep motivated.

We had a really lovely time (even with the technical issues) and to help you navigate the brilliant chat we’ve timestamp below when we touch upon each area, (although as would be expected when you get the three us together, many of the points do mix together.)

02:00 - what the three of us have been dealing with in terms of work

08:40 - advice to those new to the industry

13:55 - digital events will never replace live

15:00 - exciting time to be in the industry

17:25 - next career move

19:47 - Mental Health Awareness and self-kindness

21:50 - how we three structure our own time to find motivation

31:50 - setting boundaries

35:00 - how, when new in the industry, to set boundaries

40:50 - mental health, positive stress

44:00 - finding your purpose in the event industry

46:15 - keeping motivation and productive in your job role

47:50 - tips to find out what your passions are

You can follow the EventWell team on Twitter and Instagram, plus there is a whole series of events taking place at the moment online which you can explore on their website.

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